Customer Abuse Policy

COL always prides itself in according paramount importance to the customer service. Company employees/ personnel are trained to treat customers with utmost politeness, courtesy and respect in every interaction they have with them. This process is further reassured through continuous interaction audits, training & monitoring. Despite our best efforts, in exceptional mitigating circumstances, like systems downtime, cable cuts, policy- related issues, our services may be impacted for short durations and it'sour motto to reduce and minimise such circumstances to the maximum possible extent.

However, the company expects customers to respect its service provider and be courteous to the employees of the company and requests the customers to display mature understanding and desist from resorting to hostile and abusive behavior. In such unlikely behavioral circumstances by the customers, company reserves its right to take all such steps that may be deemed fit including, disconnection of service, initiating legal proceedings of civil and criminal in nature.