About Us

Chittagong Online Limited (COL) – a registered trade name – is a Licensed ISP & IPTSP by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission providing Internet, Internet Telephony and many other IT related services and solutions.

COL was formed in February 2002 and has since shown the fastest growth and attained a high level of customer confidence to become the preferred and the leading ISP in Chittagong. This milestone has been achieved through a focused and dedicated approach to provide an efficient and unmatched level of customer support.

After that COL has introduced various services one after one which made COL is the most excellent IT enable service in Chittagong. COL is grateful and proud to serve its client by the first E1 Digital ISP for dial up here in Bangladesh. From the beginning COL introduced Internet Services by ensuring the state-of-the-art Servers, High Speed V-SAT Systems and 3rd Generation Networking Equipments since then we are expanding our network as our motto to provide the real zest of Internet today.

COL has deployed a high quality Network infrastructure backbone that consists of a City Wide optical fiber and Wide Area Network (WAN) that can support a wide range of convergent services like fast broadband access, voice, video and data as well as various connectivity solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

This Network has constantly been improved and extended over the years to comply with our objective of extending our outreach and avail our services to clients situated at different strategic points.

Some Facts about COL

First E1 Digital ISP for dial up in Bangladesh.

First ISP in Chittagong to establish a Metro Optical Fiber backbone in Chittagong.

Largest Optical fiber network all over the Metropolitan area, where massive physical connectivity with ring and mesh topology structured network serving uninterrupted Internet and data connection.

25 POP stations only in Chittagong Metropolitan Area that enable to connect user easily with low cost investment.

Wireless Broadband Access Points all over the city with in it’s each Point of Presence from.


Helping people communicate easily with technological excellence.


Committed to provide quality ICT services by implementing next generation technologies with the strongest network coverage & innovative team for ultimate customer satisfaction.


Customer focus

  • Our mission is Customer 1st.
  • We treat the client as our assets
  • Provide the best service without any compromise
  • We make things simple
  • We say what we do and we do what we say
  • We act in the interest of our client and the company
Respect guides our behavior
  • We respect and value the diversity of opinions and other people’s individuality.
  • We respect our customers, respect our colleagues and also respect our work.
  • We show respect to others and it is likely they will respond in the same way.
  • We act ethically and fair in our daily job and in all our decisions.
  • We do not tolerate unethical and irresponsible behavior.
  • Our decisions are guided by principles, resources and cost consciousness
  • We treasure the time, resources and effort of our colleagues and our company.
  • We spend and use as if we are using the money from our own pocket.
  • We keep costs under control as the easiest way to have a healthy business and a good job.
  • We share our opinion openly and make our views known.
  • We address issues not individuals.
  • We fully stand behind the team decision.
  • We put our full energy into executing the decision.
  • We seek out the opinion of others.
  • We support our colleagues to achieve their objectives.

We approach our customers, suppliers, colleagues and business partners with the intent of creating value for all of us.

COL customer

COL is a customer focused Company. Our team, our services and all our activities focus on giving priority to our customers and making them feel special. Our clients’ confidence in us to provide them with the very best of service has always kept us abreast of all the competition and subsequently awarded us with opportunity to expand our client base all the time.

Among our many clients are:

  • International Agencies & Organizations.
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  • Shipping, Clearing and Transport Companies.
  • Group of Companies
  • Garments, Buying Houses
  • Insurance Agencies.
  • Travel and Tourism Agencies.
  • Airline Companies.
  • Financial Institutions & Banks.
  • Construction Companies.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Individual home Users.
  • Marketing/Advertising/ Consultancy Companies
  • Government Organization.
  • Defence Organization.

Always driven by Customer focus and excellent Customer service.

Always there to support you through our dedicated, responsive and efficient team.

Robust fiber optical and wireless Network to provide you with reliable and 24 hour service.

Optical fiber broadband connection to the International global networks with lowest latency providing the highest and fastest bandwidth speeds.

Very fast transmission of your data enabled by the most modern technology

Customized Corporate solutions specifically designed to meet all your IT requirements.

Many value added services to help you fully optimize the use of your Internet.

Our Strength

Chittagong Online Limited is one of the greatest fiber optic networks using latest WDM technology in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar. It has operation in Hill tract such as Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachori, Kaptai, Alikdam, Ruma, Guimara (for defense only) etc. COL deployed the largest fiber network all over the Metropolitan area, where massive physical connectivity with ring and mesh topology structured network serving uninterrupted Internet and data connection.

We have 25 POP stations in Chittagong Metropolitan Area that enable to connect user easily with low cost investment, Where Core fiber Network is fully Redundant. We have wireless backup backbone in case of physical connection of both trunk has been disconnected. It has connection oriented routing protocol and connectionless oriented routing protocol In each POP station. We can provide you the layer2 and layer3 solution in condition. To more security in user LAN we provide different subnet and VLAN facilities each and every user’s LAN.

COL Strengths

Optical fiber Network Gigabit approx 80% coverage in Chittagong metropolitan including residential area,

Stand by generator and personnel at important POP

Long backup IPS, UPS at every POP

License frequency of Canopy

Fast in trouble shooting

Operation 365*24*7 hours

Integrated Solution (Intranet, Extranet, Internet, VPN, VOICE, mail etc)

Low cost with high facilities from the last mile.

Continuous monitoring and SMS service

Data and mail security according to users’ demand

Intercity connectivity (Dhaka, Cox’s bazar)

No extra charge physical support after office time.

Ready to support at Major problem during the odd time

Stand by vehicle with generator in case of POP station

Network free from congestion.

We maintain QoS


10 Gigabits Data transfer

Ethernet to E1 conversation

User Benefits

Huge uninterrupted data can be transferred

Massive fiber redundancy each and every POP if both are fails the Wireless back will active

Layer 2 and layer 3 available.

Own fiber network backbone